Razor Crest Model Kit (build And Paint Yourself) This Is The Way!

The Razor Crest is a spacecraft that was originally built as a gunship for the Galactic Empire and that eventually fell into the ownership of the Mandalorian, the titular hero of the Disney+ television series. In the course of The Mandalorian, it becomes clear that the Razor Crest serves not only as Din Djarin’s means of transportation but also as his home, office, weapon storage and temporary prison cell for bounties he collects. The ship has become a fan favourite at a great rate thanks to its thought-out Mandalorian-typical design and unique spirit similar to that of Din Djarin. The Razor Crest model is depicted with those big cylindrical drum engines that are seen on many of the classic Mandalorian designs and its main fuselage was made with careful attention to fine details of the hunter’s trusty ship. Once a military craft, the Razor Crest appears to be configured for a single pilot. This feature has also been reflected by the author in the model’s highly-detailed cockpit that can be accessed through the fuselage windows. The Razor Crest is a multi-purpose ship, whether it is required to track down fugitives or becomes a playground for the naughty Baby Yoda. And it even got its own carbon freezing system to keep the bounties frozen solid - now that sounds like a must for one collection in there fleet!


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